Assist Independent Film Makers


Big Dog Media TV assists other film makers with equipment, consulting, and productions / Editing.


We Provide some of the most updated equipment such as Video Cameras, Lighting, sound, Gib, Booms, and much more.


We encourage all types of film and freedom of speech through movies, commericals, and promotional materials.


We are proud to provide this type of service to those who want to make their mark in the film business.



How it works:

1) Contact Big Dog Media TV and Provide a project outline.


2) Give us your shooting schedule.


3) Big Dog Media will do their best to provide as much equipment as possible for the independend film producer / director.


4) A member of the Big Dog Media TV Crew will inventory, accompany, load, and unload all equipment on location.


5) Max. of 20 hours per project


6) Independent film maker is responsible for Big Dog Media TV volunteer members expenses (Time, Mileage, & reasonable misc. expenses.)  We will provide an estimate of expenses once we have your project outline and shootling locations.


7) A limited amount of Big Dog Media TV Grants are avaliable per year to use equipment and staff at no cost to the film makers.  Request early because grants are limited per year.