2020 Filming Schedule

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January 2020

August 2020

July 2020

April 2020

March 2020


February 2020

1-20: Big Dog Media TV Year Scheduleing Meeting

1-21: Approve Schedule for Shooting 2020

1-22: Complete All 2018 Editing and close year

1-28: Purge Computer Systems from 2020

Have an event you want us to film, please send us your information below.

Feb 29 - Matilda - Riverbank Theatre



July 13:  TBA


Aug 2-4: TBA

TBA - Tentative Date Confirmation


May 2020

May 7-11:     Nashville, TN  Shoot

May 17-20 :  Access Conference - Orlando, FL


September 2020

Sept: 4:  


June 2020

june 1:     


October 2020

Oct 4:  


November 2020

Nov 1:   tba

Decemeber 2020

Dec 6 -8  A Christmas Story: Cleveland OH Weekend

Dec 13: TBA

Unscheduled TBA Project Dates




** Please notice the above dates may change without notice as it is always an active and moving schedule.  Big Dog Media TV reserves the right to change or move items without notice.  Schedule does not including editing time or meeting with venues.


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Thank you for your request. We will check the information and available dates and check back with you soon.