Requesting SportsFilm



Big Dog Media TV tryings to fulfill all film requests.


Rules of Sports Requests:


1) You have to be in good standings with the Team / organization


2) All financial obligations have to be paid / fulfilled.


3) Must have completed the entire season with the same team / league.

Big Dog Media TV, Inc is a registered

Trade Mark Of Big Dog Media TV

and Big Dog Media Productions.


***Remember if requesting sports film always include Your Player Number, Team, and season you played.


All other requests just complete the above request.


Please note: Requests for all film are based on a first come, first service request basis and availablity of our shooting schedule.


Thank you for your support of Big Dog Media TV!

Your Request was successfully sent. You will here from someone soon. Please note all requests are taking on a first come, first service basis. Thank you for your understanding.