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  • Provide any resource needed to support individuals to get to the next level.

  • Provide a positive environment and experience

  • To Always help those who want to help themselves

  • To help individuals to better themselves and their lives

  • To build a network of people and groups to give exposure to anyone who needs to get to the next level.

  • Consult and team up with any group or organization with the same goals and value.

    Small Business Owner

  • Support the small / local business owners through social media

  • Provide promotional resources / commercials to promote their business

  • To showcase their services / business


Independent Film Marker

  • Consult in independent film making

  • Allow the use of equipment to independent film makers

  • Promote the art of film making

  • Provide any needed services to help complete, produce, or edit

  • Provide duplicating service for independent film makers


Mentorship / intern

Provide a quality program to create a positive learning experience

Provide guidance and education

Promote the individual to achieve their next level

To help create a plan of action to reach an individual’s goals.

Provide technical and resources to any individual wanting to better themselves.

Athlete support   

  • Arena football

  • Indoor football

  • Semi-pro Football

  • High School football

  • College Club football


Promote team – team highlights

Promote the athlete highlights

Promote the player through academic promotion through scholarships

Promote the player through next level advantage and exposure




  • To Give individual, group, or business the opportunity and tools to be successfully and support them to get to the next level.

    (Revised 2018)